"Stupid Cunt Gets Gagged & Bagged..."

Tossed Salad With A Side Of Nut Cream!

This chick is too dumb to figure out that once you're tossing salads on camera...yeah, your porno career is literally "in the shitter" lmfao...couldn't resist that one. Anyway, yeah she licks some no-name dudes crusty ass then gags on his dick...*sigh*...enjoy.

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"Cum'on Sir! Just pull it out for me!"

Not only is Janel a stupid whore, but she managed to bring along the dumbest stunt cock in the business. He didn't seem like he could even find the fucking hole! Once he managed to get his cock in, they were able to get down to business. Thankfully...they fuck like pros.

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Some People Will Just Never Learn...These Are Those People

"Old Bag-o-Bones Lays Some Dumb Bitch..."

Uncle Peppi Is Old As Fuck & Gross!

There, we said it. The thing is, he seemingly is a magnet for hot chicks who are looking to end their careers!! What the fuck is all we can say about this one. Not only does she fuck his old ass on camera...but she fucks him IN PUBLIC?!?! Perfect tits, Sweet little pussy...bad choice of partners...sad

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"He's Fuckin' One Of Santa's Elves I Think..."

How Did He Fit THAT...In There?!

Ok, I guess this little garden gnome is hollowed out on the inside or something! Where the fuck did his dick go?!? If you do the math, it's like up near her fuckin' heart or some shit. Yeah...girls aren't the only idiots. If yer fuckin' midgets on camera...guess what? You're done...

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